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Originally Posted by mikeyroche View Post
How does this make any sense at all? How is A ZL1 beating a Z06? Z06 has better acceleration, top end speed, cornering, suspension, its lower, much lighter , etc... Who in was driving the z06.... because the ZL1 should not come close.... The fact that the ZL1 was 20 seconds slower then the Z06 on the ring only proves this point... I'll stick to the Ring as a measuring point

well as a Z06 owner I can just point out that there are really 3 versions of the car now.

no mag ride, standard 6piston brakes
mag ride, standard 6 piston brakes
mag ride, Carbon ceramic brakes

than there are different tire types based on years.

Z06 track times can be all over the map right now depending on which versiont they ran. obvioulsy the mag ride, carbon cermaic, sport cup tire car being the fastest but also suffering temp issues if they runt he test when cold.

also the magazine drivers are going to be a tad slower than one of the engineers with more seat time.

the 2:53 time is rad but the magazine drivers will most likely be slower. the same way the GT500 did not run the 2:58 in the hands of a magazine driver it ran 3:04.

I think it really shows how capable this car is though in the right hands but the time is blazing fast. Almost faster than I though it would be. wonder if the Zr-1 and Z06 will pick up decent time with this gen III mag ride???
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