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Originally Posted by 1MtnGoat View Post
"The ZL1ís automatic is a Hydra-Matic 6L90 six-speed with additional clutch plates, a strengthened output shaft, and the extra planetary pinion gears needed to ensure survival in this trying assignment. The transmission is programmed with three operating modes. The normal Drive mode uses second-gear starts, quick upshifts in the interests of fuel economy, and temporary manual operation when a down-shift button is tapped or the lever is moved. The Sport mode ups the ante with first-gear starts, more aggressive gear changes, and shifts delayed to higher rpm. In Manual mode, there are no shifts until the driver commands one; gear changes are as fast as possible for maximum acceleration."

I think this is a quote from a source from some time ago before more specific details have been revealed.. or designs fully finalized.. kind of like when we just knew the car would have >550 HP.... do you have your source and time by any chance? I would think in Sport Mode in D, you will have 1st gear.
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