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Originally Posted by PQ View Post
Cool. So you guys like em' huh?

I had already pretty much summed up what you guys are saying in my own mind.

Scott gave me the idea yesterday because I have to replace on of my rocker panels anyway (Don't ask ) so he just made the mention wondering if it might look ok. Couple photoshops later I'd agree with you guys now.

Chris, that one looks ok but would have to stay on the rocker panel I think. Essentialy getting smaller as it went forward.

But still not felling it.

Oh well. Cut-outs and wheels and I'll be done modding.
I see what you did............tried to hide that in the middle of your post

Originally Posted by PQ View Post
Well it wasn't me, it was Bonnie.

When we went down for Mardi Gras I drank a bit and she didn't so she drove home. Well, I had backed in to a parking spot right next to a curb on the passenger side. Bonnie immediately turned right and crushed the rocker panel on the curb. :(

Yeah, Yeah, try to blame it on the woman

Originally Posted by PQ View Post

I think you're trying to replace every part on your car........time for a body kit..........

"just stay with traffic, you'll be fine". = famous last words
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