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Originally Posted by Jer4251 View Post
do they need to drain the oil to repair any of the oil leak issues? Im just about due for an oil change and ive noticed oil in the past on my pan and lines under it. i wont bother doing an oil change if they have to do one in the process.
My '10 had drips off the cooler and pan. First repair was ... leak test dye, cooler seals and gaskets, and 1 qt of oil.

Still leaked. Second repair was leak test dye, new oil cooler, new seals again, 1 qt of oil.

Leak then fixed, and I had bright blue oil. I then changed the oil.

So if, it's just the cooler, I'd bet they top off with a qt after the repair. If the
actual pan is leaking, would probably have to drain all the oil for that. But the cooler can make it look like there is leaks all over under there. They will need to use the dye to find the actual source of the leak.
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