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Originally Posted by Darth_Emma View Post
I liked my "SUPERCHARGED" look. I can even hook you up with the lettering. (Big Worm Graphics did them).
That's my second choice for sure. I like that a lot and might do it. It's just something about numbers mixed with letters that makes it sound really cool.

Originally Posted by Dr Jkel View Post
Pooh Bear

How bout 'HYBRID'

Originally Posted by dianeokie View Post
I see what you did............tried to hide that in the middle of your post
She felt so bad that I felt bad for HER. lol

Originally Posted by dianeokie View Post
........time for a body kit..........
Still have yet to see one I like enough to spend the money on.

Originally Posted by Mindz View Post
Au contraire. Noweeds are diverters. They actually redirect the air with changing the backpressure level.
Instead of the dump out being diverted it becomes the exhaust being diverted. Makes it even more flowing when wot with them open.

But still a type of cut-outs.
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