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Originally Posted by GTAHVIT View Post

Thank you kind sir, I needed a good bump! lol

My poor build thread has been forgotten

Havent had a whole lot of changes recently, my mod fund is pretty much empty.

I did get some minor parts done a few weeks ago...

Got my tunnel brace, Pedders alignment bolt kit, LCA weld in brace, newest Pedders rear endlinks (my old ones were the old Drill the LCA ones).

I had to get all that done because my front camber was all out of whack (not sure what happened there), so my front tires were totally worn out on the inside.

SO for now, I swapped my stock rears to the front, and replaced the rears with 305/30 Pirelli Neros. Ill be doing the fronts real soon, but theres a few thousand miles left on the old ones, and might as well use em! Final got some TPMS installed too. Nice to have that warning light gone.

I had planned on getting my LG headers, but the tire thing tapped my funds. SOON...

I did invest some money in a home survellience system, and it is finally up and running. Makes me feel a lot better that my house is covered.

Couple of videos coming up in a bit...uploading now
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