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Here's a picture of the alternator . You can see why I decided to pay somebody to take it apart. I wasn't about to miss with that thing.

I finished the AC compressor. Here are a few pics.

This pictures show how I polished the bolt.

Starting the sanding process.......

572HP the next few pics are specifically for you, LOL. I know your going to hate me but, trust me, you have to do it! the pictures don't do it justice. I know, I know, your going to be thinking "Thanks again Nathan for giving me more work........ But you will thank me when it's done. It wasn't all that much work. Sanding, 30 minutes, painting 15 minutes.

Make sure to enlarge the pictures so that you can get a better perspective of the finish.

This picture was taken with flash. Not a true indication of the color.

You can see I left the bolt unpainted.

On to the next project.
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