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For Sale ..... Savini SV-29s ..... 22"

$1500.00 For the whole throw em on and go set-up.

Edit: Only caveat is I can't ship them til March 19th Monday. Approx 1k miles will be put on them in that time. I have to get to Jacksonville to get some paint work done. Price is still the same. IMO the wheels alone without the tires that are left and sensors are worth that.
(Of course I don't ask for payment until then either.)


(I know it may be hard to resist for some of you but I do have to make an honest attempt to sell these. So no jokes please.)

These wheels have a history known to most on these boards.

Initially they had vibration problems that took a while for Savini to get sorted out. Was a nightmare and I still think that Savini is a poorly run company when there is a problem.

BUT, they remade two of the vibrating wheels and so I now have them for sale here. Tires will 'flat spot' and create a small vibration for a few miles sometimes. Normal with 22 inch wheels.

To be absolutely clear and so the buyer can know exactly what he/she is buying I have made some precise video and taken pictures of the wheels for tire tread purposes.

Anyone interested can just ask for more pics or any questions you have I'll answer them.

In the below video I mention going to get the air leak fixed. All fixed now. Haven't had to add air in over a month which is when this video was taken. Right rear will need about 5 pounds when I get home to it must be leaking about a pound of air every 6 days or so right now. Nothing to worry about.

Paint chipping is the big problem at this point. These wheels can be stripped of paint or redone.

So the vibration problems were taken care of. The air leaks were taken care of. And now the paint is what it is. I've taken all of the hit on these wheels in getting them straightened out. So all it is is paint chipping.

I still get compliments often on them. After all, they are still 3 piece forged wheels that are beautiful. I just want more performance out of my wheels.

So here is a video. (I know your name is not Roberto but it was made for a potential buyer from Italy. Shipping was just too expensive)

I'm only guessing but tires have about 5 to 10k worth left. 5 if you're gassing on it a lot. Rears are at 3mm and front are at 6mm.

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