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Originally Posted by hawkfe View Post
Not to be a flaming as........ but in 15 years you'll read this post and realize what a worthless post this was. Who cares, I'll be 52 this year and be glad for the "Older" generation, who do you think set's up most of these meets? Ok, I'm ready for it, bring it on....
Hawkfe, you're awesome. But he does have a point, all the older people are married/kids and don't usually just want to go out and chill.

You know I'm new to Dallas so this thread pretty much made my day because it's sooo hard to meet people when I work so much

Either way, in 15 years, I'll still be happy this post was here... or forget all about it See you Saturday!

OH! Did you ever find anything out about those pedals?
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