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Originally Posted by hawkfe View Post
Not to be a flaming as........ but in 15 years you'll read this post and realize what a worthless post this was. Who cares, I'll be 52 this year and be glad for the "Older" generation, who do you think set's up most of these meets? Ok, I'm ready for it, bring it on....
And you will do the same to your post as well.

It's nice to know who is around your particular age, because some of the older generation that are married with kids do not like to do what some of the younger, non married and childless generations like to do. Generally speaking, of course.

Not to mention, he never said anything about meets, he said hanging out. There is a difference. I personally don't hang out with many people outside of my age range. It's like hanging out with my parents ("Well back in my day we didn't...blah blah).

I'd love to be able to call up some other Camaro owners around my age and go chill somewhere.
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