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Once everything was drilled out this is what i came up with

The Diamond plate was attached to the DRL Bracket by two small nuts and bolts as seen above.

From here the above Bracet will have to be measured exact to the top of the crush frame and the Diamond plate will be bent at the correct 90 degree angle and that top part will be bolted to the crush frame.

In order for the fog light to even have room to sit in the lower grille the Crush frame just be notched out as seen below.

And here is the final for the frame.

This is what i have for now, over the next few days we will be bending the brackets to fit into the notched out portion of the crush frame and should line up perfect with the lower grille. The top part of the diamond plate will be drilled two elongated holes. We will drill two holes through the notched out portion of the frame and put a long stud through holding it on with a nut and washer, then put the crush frame on the car. When i go to put the bumper on i will slid the bracket onto the two studs and then once everything is lined up tighten down the nuts and should be done. I will show that process with pictures when i tackle that part either tomorrow night or over the weekend
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