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Did the frame rail this morning. I really wish I could just pull the engine. This way I could really finish everything as I'd like to. But like Paul said above, I really wasn't planning on going this far. So mentally I'm just not prepared to spend the time it would take. I'm sure 572HP relates. Once I'm done, I'll take a mental break and plan for a redo at a later date.

What happens is that you get one thing done and then it makes everything else look like crap. Next thing you know, your..... oh my gosh, I must be crazy.

Here a good example, I figured if the ac was already disconnected and I'm going to pay $50 to $75 to get it recharged, I might as well take advantage and clean up the hose.

Here a few before shots.....

And a progress shot.

Unfortunately, I've have to attend a meeting, so I can't finish it today. Go to go, see ya.
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