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Finally we have an number.

I sent a PM to fbodfather to ask him to provide the official production numbers for the 2010 Aqua Blue Metallic color Camaro. His response is below along with my message to him:


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Re: Asking again
Actually I posted the number a long time ago -- as I recall, right after we started 2011 production.

While I try to answer every email, please understand that I monitor over a dozen Camaro sites - plus a few Classic Chevy Sites. It's simply impossible to keep up with GM email plus the traffic in 12 sites.

I, too, am a Camaro Enthusiast and understand peoples' curiosity. However, if I were to answer (with a real answer specific to build numbers and trivia) - I would need a staff of dozens.

I don't recall seeing any requests lately for build numbers. That said, we can only break the numbers down to a certain level. (....our main job is to design, build and sell the world's best cars and trucks....)

To answer your question: 284 LS models, 1,592 LT models, and 2027 SS models - for a total of 3,903.

Originally posted by kingsnakes2LT
There are many owners of the ABM on Camaro5 and elsewhere who have asked and asked for the official total production number of the Aqua Blue Metallic color.
Can you tell me why GM cannot answer that question to the many owners and users of Camaro5?
I work for an Automotive Supplier, so I know the Oshawa plant Production Control department knows exactly how many Camaros were produced in that color including all trim packages and all Pre-Production (Non-saleable) and Export.
If GM cannot make such an announcement for liability reasons, at least please tells us how we can find the official production number ourselves.
Thanks for your support as we support you."

So as you can see the Total ABM numbers are:

Thank you fbodfather for putting this question to rest.

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1100 Order Placed- 6/15/09
2000 Order Accepted by GM - 8/14/09
3000 Order accepted by Prod. Control - 8/19/09 - TPW 9/14/09
3800 Vehicle Produced - 9-15-09 - 2G1FC1EV1A9146788
4B00 Bayed - 9-16-09
4200 Available to Ship - 9-19-09
In Transit - 9-22-09
5000 Vehicle at Dealer - 9-25-09
6000 Delivered to Customer - 9-28-09
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