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PDIM Question: play music from USB drive and stream music via Bluetooth…

I own a 2011 2LS that came with AUX port but not the USB. Here’s what I want to do…
1. I want to be able to use a USB port so that I can store music on a 16GB USB drive to use the steering wheel controls to play/skip music. Is this possible?
2. I also want to be able to stream music via Bluetooth (Pandora and MP3’s from my phone).
Option 2 is not really necessary but it would be nice to have. I’ve been reading some posts on here and it looks like there are two different PDIM part numbers, 92244580 and 92213212. I see that part 92213212 is cheaper but what’s really the difference between the two? I also know that I have to get it programmed after install. Thoughts?
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