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Originally Posted by Scott@Bjorn3D View Post
Ok this was posted in my thread about my dent from one of our readers:

"Scott, #268 was delivered to the dealership in Wetumpka, AL. yesterday AND it also has a dent in the passenger door. As your car is #230, all the extra time for special handling only got you a dent.

But just to prove that things could be worse, GM advised/instructed the dealership not allow #268 to be driven (actual words were "do not start the engine") until the battery cable 'fix' is completed. Additional insulation is to be applied to the battery cable at the starter, and the kit should be available in a few days. Please do not allow this information to hijack Scott's thread."

So what the heck is the deal, should #230 go back to the dealer tommorrow after getting out of the body shop and sit?
Did you get a new door or did they just patch up the old one? It will probably sit till the cable arrives.
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