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Originally Posted by stieger View Post
Thanks for the props. Let me know if you have any questions or anything. More than happy to help
Pleasure Stieger! You're an asset to this forum and seem to have quite a bit of knowledge on what's going on & how things work

Originally Posted by Vette TPI View Post
All you Camaro owners with the really nice mods are already making my future camaro expensive Car is looking great!
It's not like what you're driving is too shabby Vette, I had an 89 that I hooked up nice when I lived down in South Florida, then some high end car theft ring thought that they should send it over to the Middle East....Found it 2 months later in a container down in the port of Miami ready to be shipped to some Shiek

Originally Posted by Buffnshine View Post
Thanks for the answer on the mailslot. I have been wanting to do that hood but did not like the mailslot withit.
The actual product used to seal in the mailslot was 3M Plastic Repair #5887 EZ Sand Flexible. Great product and you see how good it works!

Hey Buff, looks like I'll be moving to your neck of the beach within the next 2 months. Can't wait to GTFO of this retirement community they call Pismo Beach The wifey got a much better job in West LA, so I'm on real estate detail...Look forward to meeting the SoCal crew, as that's where we initially wanted to move after coming here from NJ. Can't wait!!

Originally Posted by dmwhiteman View Post
About to pull the trigger on my 3d carbon kit. Im ordering the rocker panels without the spats. If you get a chance, could you please throw up a pic before you put your spats on?
Dave, I don't think I have a clear shot of the car that hasn't been posted off of the lift without the spats. Unfortunately the rear spats are on now, and with the adhesive product used, they're on for good! The spats do provide a little different look, especially with the smooth rear, kind of reminds me of my 87 IROC gfx. But I did notice that with just the side skirts & front spoiler & vents, that the flow is still very smooth and you really don't need the rear spats, it won't look like the car's missing something. Like I mentioned in that PM to you, have 3d paint them, then you can just install yourself in an afternoon and you shouldn't have any issues with paint quality.

I'll be taking more pics today, as we finished the body kit the other day, and focused on the A-Pillar gauges yesterday. I'm just waiting for my red LED Scanner lights to come tomorrow from AAC to add to the white scanner light behind the grille, then we should have it buttoned up and ready for alignment and it's out on the streets!!! Whew, it's been a long 2 months without my car.

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