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Originally Posted by JBsC6 View Post
I'm digging the new camaro SS and the report in motor trend this month really shows off the value at 31 grand for the SS..

Yet my question is...what is the difference in the various models..

1 RS? 2 RS? is that it?

I noticed road and track offered up the Camaro SS with the RS 2 package at about 34 grand ..

had leather, heated seats, the four little instruments in the center console...but anything else? I couldn't see an exterior difference? Is there one?

and what is the difference between the 1 SS RS and 2 SS RS?

I hate to say it but if I were buying? I'd pass on all the options that I can see so far and just grab a camaro SS for 31 grand..

Thats one hell of a deal..IMO

any help on decifering the differences would be appreciated..

And please note..that for those that are digging the luxury options...More power to ya! I totally get that.. I just was wondering if the looks of the 31 grand car on the outside was the same as the more expensive 1 rs and 2 rs packages? (if in fact they are called 1 or 2 rs at all)

Let me know if you could..
Also dont forget RS package includes roof ditch trim same color as exterior color you choose example if you dont choose the RS package then the roof ditch trim is black i would choose the RS package for the HID lights and rear spoiler plus roof ditch for $1,200 you cant go wrong dont try going after market on these options it will save you a big headache ,trust me..................... ...
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