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Originally Posted by BlownChevy View Post
Updates will be coming almost daily! I did not want to put ANY info out until we received the car, the kits are already built for the test vehicle and there will be a RUNNING car by Friday.

Sorry, we do not.....however there might be some board sponsors that do.
board sponsers?

i would love to get a supercharger and all not right away but eventually-but cant afford it all in one shot
top 10 reason why real men drive stick.

10. A manual transmission is the ultimate in control
9. You can use automotive jargon and not sound like a total tool
8. You can't spell "manual" without "man"
7. Manual transmissions prove you can do more than one thing at a time
6. You can't drift in an auto
5. You can't pull fancy moves in an automatic
4. You get better fuel economy with a stick
3. You’ll never look like a chump if you can drive stick
2. Manual transmission cars are faster
1. Women like a guy who is good with his hands.

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