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Originally Posted by Kronix View Post
Dave, I don't think I have a clear shot of the car that hasn't been posted off of the lift without the spats. Unfortunately the rear spats are on now, and with the adhesive product used, they're on for good! The spats do provide a little different look, especially with the smooth rear, kind of reminds me of my 87 IROC gfx. But I did notice that with just the side skirts & front spoiler & vents, that the flow is still very smooth and you really don't need the rear spats, it won't look like the car's missing something. Like I mentioned in that PM to you, have 3d paint them, then you can just install yourself in an afternoon and you shouldn't have any issues with paint quality.
Thats ok, I just didnt see one with a clear shot of the side skirt. Thank you for reassuring me! I placed my order this afternoon!

I found a shop about a half hour away that is supposed to be terrific, and am going to have them do a few other things so just going to have them paint them. They have done complete restorations and the cars are amazing. Its amazing the things you learn and the people you meet when you get a sporty car!

I am excited to see your finished car!
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