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Originally Posted by RacnJsn95 View Post
I'm not generally one to bash, but if that's the actual price that it absolutely ludicrous for what the car is. Chevy's just trying to cash in on the COPO name, and "Camaro History" here...
Have you priced a new Mustang "Cobra Jet"? $92 - 104,000

How about the Challenger "Drag Pack V10" version? $85K and up...

"COPO" is priced "appropriately"... If you deliver your new 1SS to a recognized shop, and give 'em a blank check, you'll be in that neighborhood by the time you return with your trailer...and at that time, you'll own a butchered-up SS, NOT a "COPO"...

As mentioned, I have a "letter of intent" for THREE...from one don't dilly-dally.
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