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Originally Posted by RacnJsn95 View Post
Well I guess mathematically you are correct by todays inflation numbers... But still for that price, I could probably build 2 that would preform equally well... This is just a collectors piece, and a get rich scheme for GM at that price.
You've obviosly never had a Bad #ss drag car before. $89,000 is right in line for a Stock NHRA spec, brand new drag car that can run the index. I had $125,000 in my 02 Super Stock Pontiac Firebird. You have to remember, you are dealing with a rotisory car that has everything perfect. There is a big difference between this and other cars. MPR built and designed this car and that guy is the best in the business. Thats why Ford, Dodge and GM went to him to build the drag pack cars.
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