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Originally Posted by ZoMBiE_KMF View Post
Thanks, I REALLY like your car because it is somewhat what my original vision of my car looked like. Two things kept that from happening
1. My cousin Chris (who works at Discount Tire and I always get my wheels and tires thru) couldn't get the Havoc wheels for me. The Giovanni's were my 2nd choice.
2. Chris (Tmac - this week's COTW) beat me to the Razzi kit and I didn't want to have the same thing.

So with that your car is one of my favorite's. I like what you have done.

Are those white caliper covers hard to keep clean?
Heck yeah man, that's sweet!! Your car has turned out pretty awesome even though you've been getting your second options, haha!!

Actually the white covers stay surpisingly clean, and are easy to clean. My Havoc's appear dirtier more often than my covers....and you can't even tell the covers are dirty until you get up close to them.

Originally Posted by yzrider58 View Post
First of all the white Camaro with the black accents looks awesome! Secondly, I'm officially issuing your man card back to you after dumping your Prius.
Thanks for the compliment, man!

Yeah yeah, I got that sort of thing from everyone when I was driving that Prius. Actually just about everyone I knew, and especially my friends, asked me why I bought that car. I do myself for that one.

I did like it quite a bit though, LOL.....and as I told the guy changing my oil when he asked me if I "picked up a lot of chicks with this car" in a smart a** tone.....I'm not a shmuck and I don't need a car to pick up chicks.

Originally Posted by pierre777 View Post
nice car ,great transformation looks cool.
Thanks a lot, man!!
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