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Originally Posted by calbert1999 View Post
Considering you're just starting out with a C5 Camaro; I'd say get a ZL1, otherwise you'll break the bank upgrading the SS for the track
What I've learned, it doesn't matter WHAT car you get, it's easy to start throwing money at them regardless ..... even my Z06 could use a couple track-oriented bits and pieces to make it "perfect"!!

As for the things you pointed out, I can immediately rule out a couple of them as non-issue:

- more power (it needs more than 400hp. for 4k/lbs.)
- suspension (springs / coilovers, sways, end-links, bushings, et al)
- wheels, tires
- brakes

The way I see it, power is what it is, and more isn't always better. As it stands, I am NOT using all 505HP of the Z06!! I've been at this for a few years, so I'm beyond the "novice" stage, but realistically, ~400 HP is probably a perfectly safe (and useable!) power level for me.

Suspension is not important to me at the moment. If you could see how I drive my Avalanche, you'd understand, ANYTHING with less body roll than that is just fine! Even my '02 Z28 was still "fun" to run, before I got into modding the suspension (basically, had a full Strano setup in it).

Wheels/tires are just part of going to the track, and not specific to a higher or lower end car.

Brakes will be consumed on ANY car that is taken to the track, so again, non-issue.

The couple things I AM concerned about, and would like to hear as much real reports of that I can, are the other things you mentioned:

- strength (diff., axles, tranny) - are they not any stronger than a 4th-gen Camaro, with the p.o.s. 7-1/2" 10-bolt? Are the trannsmissions equally as prone to puking under moderate abuse?

- cooling - specifically, what? Brakes? Engine? Steering? What coolers does the factory already have in place, and do they not work well enough for maybe ~2 or 3 lapping days a year??

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