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Originally Posted by stratman2SSRS View Post
We did talk at the track, I remember your liscence plate Cap'n Pete. I had the silver camaro with black stripes.
Yeah, I just had a closer look at your avatar picture ... I do recognize the car, and more specifically, the wheels! It's been quite a few months since, and my brain has been spinning lately, trying to pull together a major kitchen reno, just in time to get prepared for the baby on the way!! My wife has been complaining about feeling spaced out lately, and I think I'm right there with her! lol (oh yeah, I'm sure we'll be great parents though!! )

Anyway ............

... do you think the axle seal issue was just a random problem, or do you think it's something that may be a recurring track-related issue?

Again, just trying to get a handle on what to expect. Even with the 'Vette, I thought I did "most" of my homework going into it, but then found out that there were things I hadn't considered fully .

I'm also not expecting to hit the track as often as I used to (typically try to hit about ~10 track days a year if I can), so I'm thinking for maybe a couple "easy lapping days" (if I could ever really learn how to take it "easy" out there ) the Camaro would survive without having to invest too much time/money/mods. ......................... down the road is a different story .
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