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Did a little wire work today.

This bundle is the harness that runs over the top of the engine. It feeds five different connectors.

I separated each connector and wrapped them individually. This makes them easier to manage them.

Next I started the process of relocating the PCM inside the cabin air box. The first step was to undo the fuse box. Which was pretty simple, just pull on the tabs (See picture below) and it comes right off. To remove the lower portion requires the removal of just one bolt.

Removing the PCM was also straight forward. Just push down on the tabs with a flat head screw driver to pop them off the bracket.

Here's another picture to give you a better idea.

Once you pull it out, you can them unclasp it from the plastic retainer.

This picture shows were it's new home will be. To get access to this area, you will need to remove the plastic panel just above it. There's just a couple of bolts and press pins that need removing.

Well, I guess things were going to smoothly because Old Murphy decided to pay me a visit. Unfortunately he and I have gotten pretty well acquainted.

The plan was to remove the black panel in order to drill the mounting holes for the PCM. I will also need to drill a 1 1/2" hole to to slip the harness through.

I have removed every visible bolt, nut and still can't get it to go. The picture below shows the five area I removed bolts and nuts from. I also removed the nuts that hold the ABS down to see if it would help but still no luck.

I was trying to remove the bracket with the insulation still on it. But since I couldn't see what might be holding it down , well...... I said the hell with the insulation and rip it off

I normally don't lose my cool but ........ . I guess this is an example of one of those ""REALLY, are you freaking sh@!#$& me! SERIOUSLY!"

Some else I'll need to buy, LOL.

So if anybody has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate them! Maybe Kyle aka NC-V or EZSPEED can throw me a bone.
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