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Originally Posted by LOWDOWN View Post
Could it make 1,000 hp? Yes

As a Class-legal AA/Stock, will it? No.

Delivered from GM Performance, will it make 1,000 hp, in any version? No.

Will they make 900 hp? No.

Could they? Yes...

Splitting hairs is a very fine art...
with a fully forged ls7 , built for boost with a 4.0 whipple, not only is 1000hp attainable, but easily surpased...i hit 800hp + with a ls3 and a kb sc with 3 3/4 pulley and mild cam on stock bottom end...on 93 octane...i assume these untitled cars are built for 110 octane and above...if internals could hold it and ls3 was lower compression , i could go from 9lbs boost into 17-18 easily and hit 900 with no effort...can,t imagine a whipple 4.0 with 20 lbs boost dialed in with 115 octane not hitting 1000hp or better...we are not talking rwhp..hell the zl1 street version warranty car has 580hp with a tiny 1.9 eaton, which is clearly nothing like a 4.0 whipple..and has to drive on 93 octane , not racing fuel like the copo
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