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Cooling was ok during autocross but temps start to rise a bit after hot lapping a lot. You'll want to take the 2 plastic covers off the engine as they hold in heat. Hot wiring the engine fan on a switch might be beneficial as well so you can keep it on inbetween rounds if you desire. Luckily oshawa isn't super hot compared to some places which will help some. I keep my hood popped inbetween sessions as I keep it close to redline the whole time and it starts going up 5 degrees per lap. Eventually a tune to alter the fan points would help if I don't hard wire the fan as well.

Brakes would probably be the next hottest and pad selection will be critical. A lot of people are putting CTSV pads/rotors up front with excellent results. Eventually I'll be going that route as well as I plan on doing as much autocross as possible this year. The pads fade first depending on what you get, stock rotors seem pretty stout.

The tranny/axles/rear handle well on road courses but axles/diff tend to get killed during drag racing due to wheel hop at launch on the stock suspension. Primarily with the M6 though. With an auto you may want to upgrade the cooler especially if you ever get a converter. Power steering and rear seem to be ok although extreme rpm and steering angles will kill the PS pump if you're into drifting or crazy burnouts. There's 2 companies that have come out with replacements with a ball bearing shaft that resolve this issue.

Cradles bushes, trailing arms, toe rods, radius rod bushes, and sways would be my minimum recommendations for suspension.
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