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Originally Posted by BigHemiSrt View Post
We're not doubting these engines can make 1100 hp. We're just saying theyre strict guidlines and rules to each and every class. These classes are pretty much dictated by power to weight ratio to make things as fair as possible. As far as i know there isnt a class in stock eliminator that would allow for a 1100hp 3k lb car...
Trust me, I understand. I have known about the car and the engines for a year now. I have drag raced for 20 years and had a bad #ss Super Stocker. Anybody who class races know there is the horsepower factor in the NHRA and then theres the real hp. I thought you guys would like to know what these are making, if you don't that's fine with me.
And your right, there is no 1100 hp class, I never said that, but there will be super stockers making it. I promise you that.
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