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I hope people will read this BEFORE attempting to install their RX Catch Can...

The instructions that are provided are THE WORST INSTRUCTIONS EVER SEEN BY HUMANS. THE ABSOLUTE WORST, and in fact, FLAT-OUT WRONG.

They tell you that this...and I QUOTE:

"The center fitting on the can goes to the nipple on the intake manifold snout on the pass side, and then the outer valve fitting to the rear of the drivers side valve cover"

THIS IS WRONG! Don't do this under any circumstances, or you'll wind up doing what happened to my car - BLOWN OUT REAR MAIN OIL SEAL!!!!!!

I am more than a little upset that I didn't use my own judgement and experience, and instead, followed the directions from idiots. Modern cars NEED the vacuum pulling the pressure from the crankcase, and there is no vacuum created at the valve cover to pull the pressure from the fitting going down into the lifter valley/crankcase. The whole time I was following these instructions, little alarms and bells were going off in my head, and I kept thinking "How can this possibly work right???" Well, I fired up the engine, went for a test drive, got on it going from 1st to 2nd gear, and came back into my driveway. Got out to look for leaks, and a POOL of oil was pouring out from between the transmission and engine.

These guys are complete, utter idiots for providing such HORRIBLE instructions, but I'm the bigger fool for listening to idiots that clearly don't understand a thing about engines.

I'll be posting in the main section all of this to make sure people know to NOT follow these instructions, and instead, follow these...

1. Remove the plastic engine cover.
2. Slowly and carefully, unbolt the single lower tensioner pulley bracket bolt (15mm). Do this slowly so that the bracket stays in place - otherwise, you'll be dealing with putting the belt back on. If there's any tension on the bolt as it's ready to slide out - DON'T REMOVE IT! It will mean the bracket is gonna turn if you pull the bolt outta the threads. If this is the case, then first remove the belt, then proceed.
3. Install the bracket.
4. Install the catch can on the bracket.
5. Remove the plastic line that runs from the line going down into the front pass side of the lifter valley running to the intake manifold directly behind the throttle body. It's easy - just push in at the fittings, and turn the little tab and then pull out.
6. Run a piece of hose from the now-exposed steel nipple (the one running down into the lifter valley) to the center of the catch can.
7. Run another piece of hose from the black plastic nipple just behind the throttle body to the outer valve on the catch can.

That's it. These retards at RX made such an easy install so difficult with insane, obscure pictures, and wrong instructions.

Now, I gotta park my car for a few weeks until I can pull the transmission and flywheel to replace the blown-out rear main seal.

By His wounds...
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