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My head is hurting trying to read and decyhper the information out on the threads. Hope you guys can keep me from getting a major migraine.

I currently own a 2010 Camaro RS/SS L99 engine with an auto trans. modded a few parts. Running Maggie TVS-2300 magnacharger, dual fuel pump, 2800 Yanks Stall converter, Trans cooler, line-lock, Kooks 1/7/8 inch LT headers w HF cats, Corsa catback exhaust. Custom Forged Vossen 3 piece wheels, so running the 315x20 size wheels in the rear. Moved the oem rear wheels to the front.The car was dynoed at 540rwhp.

Next month will be installing the DSS 9inch Conversion kit and wanted to know what gears would you recommend me to run. I will be installing the Strange center section,

After the conversion kit is completed, we will be installing a LSX440 forged internals with a twin turbo for forced induction. we are hoping to get 1000+rwhp out of this combo.

Car will mostly be a daily driver, with some scca races on the weekends. We lost the lease to the land the track was located at, so currently looking for a new home for a 1/4 mile track.

I think the 4.11 would be digging ditches and not a good choice with this kind of power. Maybe a 3.7, 3.73, 3.9??? What gearing would you think be the best for me?

T az
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