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Originally Posted by Ace1USMC View Post
Cause I was even more stupid than the person that wrote the directions in the first place. I fully admit I was stupid to ignore the warning bells going off in my head based off of my own understanding of how essential a PCV system is and how it works. I was plain dumb to not trust myself in this case. STUUUUUUPID. I'm stupid. That's all there is to it. And now I gotta replace a rear main seal on a relatively new car.

I wonder if you will be one that gets lucky and it will seal up on it's own not that the excess pressure has been relieved? I hope it does so you don't have to mess with it.

I had a torque wrench quit working while I was tightening an intake manifold bolt this weekned and snapped it off Stupid me for not realizing on my own that I had passed 89 inch pounds a few turns ago. It's nothing like a seal, but still sucks as this is my daily driver.

Good luck with it

She is only memory now.
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