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Originally Posted by STiKy View Post
Problem was with the heat shrink covering on the cable from what I understand. Amazing what happens when the wiring is next to the exhaust manifold.
I just got back from my dealer and saw the recall bulletin and the fix instructions. The wiring problem was not due to being next to the exhaust manifold. It is the battery wire on the starter being too close to the starter and the starter bracket that could be a problem on some V8 engines.

The fix is to put special tape in certain areas on the battery wire and make sure it is routed away from any sharp edges. There is a sharp edge on the starter bracket that gets rounded off in the fix. Dealers are instructed not to deliver car until fix is done if it is on the recall list. If it happened once (which it has) it could happen again.

Good call on GM's part to fix with a recall rather than have everyone wait and let them do it before shipping our cars. Mine was built on 4-17 and has been at 4B00 ever since. It is on the recall list and it now shows 4300 (Intermediate Delivery) as of 5-5. I would rather have the dealer fix it than wait any longer than I have to.

Not all V8 cars seem to be on the recall list, only a few.
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