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Cal State LA parking lot?

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to to

Hello, my name is Eric. My Camaro story began only as a pipe dream. I recently bought what I thought would be my solid car for a while. It was a 2009 Toyota Corolla XRS. My family only values Japanese cars, you see. So… as far as I was concerned, Hondas or Toyotas were all I should get. Around the same time, my brother (Marc) purchased a Honda Civic. It was my brother who persuaded me to get a Camaro with him because if he did it alone, my parents would definitely have a cow. He sold the idea to me and kept reminding me that we should have hot cars while we’re still young. Like anyone who fantasizes about buying a car they probably won’t get, we built what we would want online obsessing over it.

One weekend, we started to entertain the notion this could happen. So, we started visiting dealerships to get an idea of what we can do realistically. A lot of places we visited wanted to charge us mark-up to make a profitable sale. We finally went to one that wouldn’t as long as we order it directly from the factory. So, that’s what we did. And for the next few weeks, we tracked our future cars from factory to train to truck for what seemed like many months.

When we picked up our cars, they were right out in-front in a perfect row. I was really nervous driving it home. It was wider than what I was used to, not to mention all the attention it was getting as I drove. You could just feel the admiration from passer-byers as you drive!

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