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Ahhh yes, I remember you were an inch away from getting a V6 last year. As I recall you saying, "It's going to be my daily driver so it'll save me a lot of money on gas." Hahaha, oh how times have changed. Aren't you glad you test drove that V8? Not that there's anything wrong with a V6, but definitely these cars are IMHO most enjoyable with the bigger engine.

The last time I saw the Storm Trooper it was a completely un-modded virgin. Now it looks completely wicked!!! I always thought the interior would come out looking amazing and unique and it did. I also take back what I said about the vertical doors! It looks kickass on the Storm Trooper! Overall a very sweet ride.

Glad you're enjoying the car man! Spring is coming around! Time to put the battery back in and ride!!!
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