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I had posted this in another tread about lifts.

I put a 4 post lift in for service and extra parking, I went with a Ben Pak HD9 extra wide. With the extra wide it is 107" between posts I can park a flat deck car trailer under lift (most trailers are 102 wide at end of fenders) With the extra wide you can also drive a pickup truck on lift and not have get out of truck to push mirrors in so they don't hit the posts. Also bought the wheel kit I can push the lift around the garage with a car on it. Lift doesn't have to be bolted down and it very sturdy with either a camaro or a heavy Suburban on it. Another thing to think about is, do you have plans down the road of get pickup extended cab or crew cab. Order a lift that long enough to fit wheel base of what in your future. I welded up some steel to make cross braces that fit in to jack channel on lift, lay braces in than put plywood down and now have full flat deck to put motorcycles or any other junk on. Put it up in the air and now more floor space. I'm 5'8" and I can walk under with out ducking. Here's the place that had the best price. I also put put two 220 plugs on the ceiling so if I move lift it will work any where in garage.
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