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Originally Posted by OldTimer View Post
Imagine those feelings, walking in to claim your 2010 Camaro of which you were one of the first to order, seeing it for the first time with that huge grin and heart pounding. Stepping in for the first time, grasping the wheel, turning the key on and just about crying that it is finally here. Now, picture yourself being told your written agreement for the car YOU ordered is worthless and the car is yours only if you now pony up $8 grand extra. The tears I felt were not of joy. Yes, my car did arrive, even sooner then I thought since it was CGM. I left a bitter person towards your company after convincing myself to give GM another shot. So, while I have said it before and will say again, I have great respect for your character and your patriotism. I no longer, however, share the enthusiasm of being a first time Camaro owner.
Agreed with Fenwick. That isn't GM, that is a dealership issue, and if you have a written agreement then you might be able to sue. At the very least, take it up with the BBB or some other consumer rights group.
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