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Originally Posted by diddiyo View Post
thanks scott.

one thing, if there is anything that could possibly be done, please have GM look at their dealers as most of them seem to be ignorant, greedy and downright liars. don't get me wrong, it's not only GM, i guess it's the same with every automaker, but wouldn't it be nice if GM was the exception to that rule?

I know that it may seem that way -- but in reality, most of our dealers are hard-working people who are trying to do the right thing -- and most of them are very benevolent to their communities.

(...and industry sales satisfaction and service satisfaction surveys will bear this out -- we're above industry average and many of the foreign manufacturers are the worst!)

The problem is that a few ruin and tarnish everyone else.

We constantly talk to our dealers --

You may also have heard that we're going to reduce the number of dealers across the country -- not sure how that's going to play out -- but you can be assured that 'sales and service satisfaction' will play a big part in who stays and who goes.............
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