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Originally Posted by Gatecrasher View Post
As for that Trailblazer SS you're thumbing your nose at, it has more power than the last Camaro SS, so I wouldn't be TOO condescending
I would gladly take a Trailblazer SS if someone was, oh, walking down the street handing out keys for free!

Originally Posted by EllwynX View Post
I've always thought 'Z28' had a much better ring to it than 'SS'.

That's why I'd like the 'affordable' V8 to be a Z28...
When you think Z28 you just think "Camaro " When you think SS nowadays, you think "Okay, could this be Trailblazer, Cobalt, Monte Carlo, Malibu, Silverado...etc."

It's much more fun when someone says "So what kind of car do you drive?" to say "Oh, I have a Z28"

Originally Posted by SilverTurtle View Post
its been said before and it will be said again:

any car can be an SS, but only a Camaro can be a Z28.
Truer words were never spoken. Well, maybe they were. But that's pretty damn true!
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