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Originally Posted by Number 3 View Post
No complaints on stock. Keep in mind, transmission in V6 is different than in the V8.

V6 transmission is Aisin.

V8 transmission is Tremec (Corvette).

I haven't experienced the difference a Short Throw Shifter makes, though. But I have no complaints on the V6 or V8 shift feel or throw.
Number 3: Since you have one of each, is there much difference between the feel of shifting between the 2? I know the transmissions are different, but don't know about the shifters- do they feel about the same? If the SS trans and shifter are the same as in my 08 Z-06, I can say I have NO complants about that shifter.

Since I won't be drag racing mine (and if I wanted to I would probably opt for the automatic), my gut is that there is no reason to go to the trouble and expense of replacing the stock shifter if it's already pretty good. Just wondering if anybody doesn't like the feel or if the throw is too long. I guess replacing the shift ball could be done without doing the whole shifter if somebody just doesn't like the ball.
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