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Actually had a chance to get after a couple things that I'd been meaning to do!!!

First off, I found a knob that I really like and fits great on the LG Short Stick. The one that it comes with is good, but its kinda plain, and I like a pattern or something on mine so I did some research and homework and found that the LG Stick actually accepts all C5/C6 Vette Knobs.....hum.

With that said, I scored a C6 knob and bam...adjusted the height and used the provided setscrew to lock it in. Came out good. Had it in for a good week now and I absolutely love the offset of it and how it feels while doin some spirited driving!

Another thing that you'll most likely be seeing from us is color faced gages. We're working with a great company that has a lot of experience doing this already and come up with some good colors and options.

This is the first of the ones that we got and installed. So far they install in no time at all and are made of the highest quality pieces on the market. They light up just like OEM, but have a great colored face to really give the interior some BAM!

More to come on these Gems but here's some sample pics and a random updated pic.....enjoy!

Ivan @ Southwest Speed
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