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Originally Posted by toilets View Post
Out of curiosity, has anyone been through this before? ( having a car you ordered suspended from delivery for any particular reason?) if so how did the company/ dealer handle it?

I'm just curious to see if people think GM is doing the right thing (from either perspective, customer or business ) by keeping quiet on the matter and not providing any updates on the situation.

For me I'm kinda mute on the subject because this is a first for me.
Same thing happened when I ordered my Vert last year.

As soon as I heard they were coming out with a convertible, I stopped at the dealer and ordered one (early Jan) even though we didn't even know when production would begin.

Production began Feb 1st, and soon I got the oder number from GM and began tracking it. Got assigned a TPW of 3-22.

Car was built on 3-24 , left the plant and stayed in a lot in Oshawa for the next 4 weeks.

During those weeks I kept asking the dealer if they knew why it hadn't shipped. The dealer/salesman was pretty clueless about the whole affair. I even had to introduce the salesman to so he could see where I was getting my information from.

Not: all of this was AFTER the trucking strike fiasco. My car was not one of them that got held hostage.

I will give the de3aler a lot of credit with trying like hell to find out why the car was still in Oshawa, but the best the could do is get an answer from GM transportation that the car was sitting in an overflow lot.

All I wanted was for someone to tell me WHY is was there, but we never did get a better answer from anyone.

If they would have just said that it was there undergoing a QC check (Like the ZL1's are now), that would have satisfied me and I would have been happy to continue to wait.

After the car sat there for 4 weeks and not getting and answer from anyone, I found a similar car that had just been delivered to a local dealer and bought it the next day.

I will also mention that the original dealer was very responsive during the entire process and when I ask for my substantial deposit back, they did so with absolutly no hassle.

Of course the day after I bought the local Vert, I discovered that the one I ordered had finially shipped.

Murphy's Law.

Overall , it was the lack of ANY kind of answer from ANYBODY in GM as to why the car continued to sit for that long was what pissed me off.
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