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Originally Posted by black. View Post
Good thing it's only limited to 77. Which is 78 to many. Yes I said 78 because that awful design was put on paper.
I lol'ed

Originally Posted by motorhead View Post
Like I said in other threads, I've seen a lot more abortions that look far worse than what Paul did here on this very site. I think it looks pretty cool for what it is.

It look pretty good to me. The rivets aren't a bad touch. It isn't that bad and Iv'e seen WAAY worse than this on cars in general.

He didn't do much to it but painted it, new seats, a speaker or so, and a aftermarket shift knob . Maybe he had a time crunch. I used to watch the show so I got respect for his work.

Would I buy it even if it was $35,000? No. You can't hit a home run on all projects.
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