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Originally Posted by Kronix View Post
Thank you ALLTURBO! But did you read my whole thread? My car is completely covered under warranty, Powertrain & all
!! SLP & Chevy work together and as long as a Chevy dealer, GM certified shop or SLP itself do the install then any issues I can bring to any GM dealer for service..Now of course, that doesn't apply to the suspension since it's all been upgraded with Pedders, but in all my years of owning cars (25+) I've never had suspension warranty work needed. The engine & major drivetrain components are all covered for 5yr/100K...Then I'll go headers & cam unless I just say WTF and just do it! But I'm extremely happy with what I drove today!

Thank you all again for the great support I've received here, this place ROCKS!

See Tom, I told you my SS wasn't a figment of my imagination!!!
Oh right... I wasn't thinking about that because it wouldn't apply to me... It's turbo or nothin'. 10psi and meth injection? What warranty? LOL.
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