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Originally Posted by Blehner View Post
So went and got an Oil Change today, Instantly the mechanic comes out to me and tells me to go bring my car to the dealership ASAP. I have 16k Miles on my car and told me I was basically running on Zero Power steering fluid and my engine looks like it should have 50k+ miles on it from it leaking all over the engine. So brought it in to my dealer and have to bring it back tomorrow to get it checked out.

Warranty should cover this but also thinking that they said my engine looks like it should have 50k miles on it from being damp or whatever they said should I complain about this to my dealer?
If the engine has that much liquid on it, how did you never notice it? Also, did you not feel or hear something from your PS? Not sure the dealer will do much about the "dirt" factor but you can try.
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