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That video looks great!

I'm currently driving a Lexus isF, and the auto trans in this car is just fantastic!
It is an 8sp auto and the shifts are quick...very quick and I doubt any human would be able to shift much faster. In fact it's better to just let it shift on it's own.
And it downshifts very will even blip on a downshift.

I hope the auto trans in the ZL1 is the would make people think twice about getting a manual if the car will be a DD.

I know some people will not agree with me, so my only advice would be to stop at your nearest Lexus dealership and test drive the isF and see for your self.

I am in no way pushing the isF, just using it as a bench mark in today's automatic transmission technology.

With that said, the ZL1 will spank the isF all day long with whatever tranny is in it!
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