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Thanks guys! Just ironing out some finishing touches on it...Nothing in the aftermarket world is a "perfect fit" Right Paul!!! LOL!!! Thanks for all your help with that issue, again! Pierre, you made the right move getting the AF gauge to the mix, definitely want that since you're going with the Maggie!

Aquablue, thanks so much for being my biggest supporter!! I appreciate it and once I get all the custom badging done & get too detail it and take some nice shots, I'll definitely submit it for COTW!! It would be an honor with all these awesome Camaros on this forum.

J666, there's noo rubbing whatsoever, I made sure of that before I decided to go with 22s, plus with the Pedders coilovers I have full adjustability in ride height also. I also upgraded all the stock bushings to urethane so that gets riid of all the sloppy mush feel, so the car is very solid. I'll be heading to the shop in a few to pick it up and give it a good couple of hours behind the wheel. We still have to add the Pedders Eccentric Bolt kit to really dial it in for the Pedders Aggressive street alignment, but I'm going to see how the ride height is, handling, etc...Yesterday we moved one of the pulley's over per Ted Jannetty's recommendation, and that really tightened up the belt. It's amazing what a great tuner can see from pictures...Great job Ted & your other recommendations will be following shortly!

I'll be back with hopefully some more pics & a ride report....Thanks again for the positive comments all & the support with my build, everyone here has been so helpful & fantastic!!!

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