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Originally Posted by camero View Post
The headlights are definitely NOT production but they are pretty amazing. Contrary to what Scott said they are not hot glue or velcro but are custom engineered limited production housings that fit the car and the generic lights together perfectly. These mules undergo tens of thousands of miles of testing in all different environments and since the real lights aren't ready they need some that will function just like real for the long life required. I worked on the real ones and when I saw these up close I studied them for at least 10 minutes in utter fascination of what the Camaro's lights would look like with no "design".... just "engineering". Don't fall in love with the grill either.
I've heard the concepts and all like this get distroyed when done. is that true or do you not know?? ILL TAKE THE TEST MULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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