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Originally Posted by chozn4service View Post
Not sure about taking the paint off but it might be best. A little thinner on a rag and swipe it. As far as painting, I've gotten to be pretty good! I suggest always taking your paint can and allowing it to warm up in a pan of water. Watch it closely as you just want to warm it up. Shake can when ready to paint. This warming allows for the can to put out a nice, very thin mist of paint. Also you may want to get yourself a box big enough to paint in and maybe put a white sheet over it and get under it as you paint if you have contaminants flowing like that. Sort of your own paint booth but be careful on breathing the fumes. Just something to set the items down in and you stand over it with the sheet over you and the box.
Hey man these are some good ideas, I appreciate it. I may have to try some of these next time because I'm terrible. I finally finished and it's not 100% perfect but it'll do for now. I ended up doing some wetsanding (for the first time in my life I'll add) and it worked better than I thought it would.
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