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Originally Posted by Butcher View Post
Well, if the car stickers for $60,000 or more, you won't have to worry about seeing them on the street. Nobody will pay that much for a car that isn't any better than a ZL1. If you add the 2SS option and the RS option, then that car will sticker for about the same as a very nicely equipped Grand Sport Corvette. I don't see a market for a car like that. By the way, that body kit would add well over $10,000 to the price. I can't see anyone spending Z06 money for a car that can't out-perform a ZL1. Time will tell...
Well over 10k to the price would be crazy for such minimal work.. Your probably right though, thats what they would charge but it would not have cost much to actually make the car look like the rendering. The rendering really just looked like a modified Camaro bumper. There is a new vendor on this site who made his own bumper and had molds made and is selling them for $750 and it looks to be a very good quality product.. In reality the rendering would not have been very expensive to produce but I agree if they did anything custom they would have charged an arm and a leg for it. They just got lazy and hoped the name plate would make them sell. Saleen really needs to stick with Mustangs..
Camaro SOLD :(
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