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Originally Posted by ShnOmac View Post
I will keep the Faith.... If they are targeting the Boss LS it WILL hang with the Boss LS. Only time will tell though....

It's awful interesting to me the conclusions a person can trick themselves into drawing. There's nothing on that sheet that seems like a big red flag saying "I'm slowwww!!!". Unless I'm completely glazing over that footnote.

Keep in mind the place where the ZL1 gained the most ground on a Boss LS around a track was the corners. The power difference had much less to do with things than one would think. So....I don't find it all that difficult to see how a lighter, stiffer, similarly-shoed Camaro couldn't come awful close to that level of track superiority...even minus the MR.

This is a performance package, after all. MR was chosen for the ZL1 to offer superior road manners AND handling. It might just be that the 1LE-spec suspension has no considerations for wouldn't need MR.

Just ramblings...until we know more than this rumor - I think it's a disservice to the car, and the team to automatically assume it can't perform. :(

Keep the faith....

...that it will perform

...that the people building it aren't idiots

"Keep the faith." - Fbodfather
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